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Healthcare Search is dedicated to understanding YOUR needs and helping you navigate the confusing choices Medicare plans offer.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage

A Medicare Advantage plan may help you  simplify your Medicare coverage. Medicare Advantage plan combines hospital, doctor, and prescription drug coverage. These compact plans replace your Medicare coverage and may also include other benefits not offered through original Medicare. Let us help you find out if this is right for you

Medicare Part D

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Manage your prescription expenses with a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Managing drug cost can be the most significant decision you make regarding your Medicare coverage. Healthcare Search can help you find the best plan for your prescriptions.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Dealing with Medicare out-of-pocket costs? Do you have the right plan? Medicare supplement plans can help fill the gaps in your Medicare Part A and B coverage. No surprise expenses

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Need help managing the cost of Doctor’s visits or prescriptions? Are you sure you have the right medicare supplement plan for your needs? Confused by all the options?

We are at your service all year long to help you get the most out of your Healthcare and to minimize your out of pocket cost.

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  • Healthcare Search is an Independent Health Insurance Agency and Affordable Healthcare Advocate.
  • Your circumstances are unique – no cookie cutter health insurance plans
  • We shop many companies to find the best value for you.
  • If your current plan is the best option for you, we will tell you!
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Healthcare Search saved my small business over $400 monthly on health insurance. After switching to Healthcare Search, I can finally breath financially. I can’t thank you enough John, You’re amazing!

– Allison Lawless


At first we were skeptical about meeting John to switch, but after he worked with us to get down to the bottom of what we were spending for our household, we ended up saving $622 a month on health insurance. I’m so happy my husband and I took the leap to meet with you!

– Lisa Devans

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Our health insurance agents have years of experience in getting individuals, families, and businesses the best health insurance plans on the market.

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Our health insurance agents search across dozens of plans for the best plan and deal for your so you save every penny possible. 


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We know the ins and outs of the health insurance industry and can save almost anyone money on their monthly bill. Give us a call for a Free quote.

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  • Lower Monthly Cost compared to traditional plans
  • Comprehensive coverage – Doctor visits, Hospital, Critical Illness
  • Prescription Benefits
  • 24/7 Access to Doctors online for non-emergency Care – FREE
  • Large Network – Over 4000 Providers
  • Out Of Pocket Protect to help with Deductibles
  • Accident coverage
  • Choose Any Doctor

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